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The Popularity of Platinum


Why are platinum engagement rings more popular today than ever before? The option of platinum over silver and gold is definitely in high demand. Of course, this precious metal is a stunning white metal that is beautifully finished. It is also extremely durable—and known for its strong metal. It doesn’t corrode no matter how much it is worn, which makes it perfect for an engagement or wedding ring.

The prism qualities of diamonds reflect both light and color. Unlike gold, platinum is a white metal that projects the shine of diamonds rather than diluting their appearance. The shininess and color make it a good choice for numerous patterns and engravings. However, despite being stronger and more durable than 14k gold platinum can get small scratches. This means it will get scratched a little easier than 14k gold would, but these scratches may be polished out. The difference is that when gold is scratched, the gold is lost and it looks like a scratch.

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